10 Times Trump Did The Thing He Tweeted Obama Shouldn’t Do (Twisticle)

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February 25, 2017
The New York Times on Donald Trump Twitter Update
“For first time the failing @nytimes will take an ad (a bad one) to help save its failing reputation. Try reporting accurately & fairly!”
February 27, 2017
Obama on Donald Trump Twitter Update

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President Donald Trump has been very vocal over the years regarding former President Barack Obama. Interestingly, many of the things for which Trump berated Obama have continued to occur – only now with our current president.

1. Too Much Golf

Trump tweeted numerous times admonishing Obama for playing too much golf, particularly during times of crisis.

However, Trump also plays golf and spent 3 consecutive weekends doing so at Mar-A-Lago, his “winter White House.”

2. Vacations Cost Too Much

Trump frequently complained about Obama’s vacations when, in fact, Trump’s family trips have cost taxpayers nearly as much in one month as Obama’s did in an entire year.

3. No Intelligence Briefings

Trump said he doesn’t need intelligence briefings because he is “smart,” but he often complained about Obama missing intelligence briefings.

4. Sending “The Feds”

Trump didn’t agree with Obama when he wanted to send the Feds to New York City, but he threatened to send the Feds to Chicago.

5. Too Much TV

Trump didn’t approve of Obama watching ESPN in the mornings, but he reportedly watches hours of television each morning himself.

6. Short Tenures of Appointees

Trump believed Obama appointee Chuck Hagel’s short tenure was laughable. However, Trump appointee Mike Flynn set a record with only 24 days as national security adviser (the average tenure is 2.6 years).

7. Jimmy Carter’s Opinion

Trump thought former President Jimmy Carter’s low opinion of Obama in 2014 was an embarrassing “new low,” but in 2016 Carter also said Trump had a lack of “moral and ethical principles.”

8. Low Approval Ratings

Trump slammed Obama for his low approval ratings. Ironically, Trump currently holds the record for the lowest approval rating of any new president ever.

9. Removing Sanctions

Trump thought it was a bad business move for Obama to remove sanctions and not get anything in return, but he did the same by removing Russian sanctions with no hint of negotiating first.

10. Presidential Lies

Trump sarcastically congratulated Obama on his “great accomplishment” of earning three of the Washington Post’s “biggest Pinocchios of the years” in 2013. Trump was awarded five in 2016.

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