Trump vs Schwarzenegger: A Twitter Showdown

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March 4, 2017
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March 7, 2017
Arnold Schwarzenegger on Donald Trump Twitter Update

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President Donald Trump and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger are in a Twitter feud over The Celebrity Apprentice show and its ratings.

Before Celebrity Apprentice

Trump’s first tweet on Schwarzenegger back in August 2012 was complimentary, congratulating him for doing so well with the Expendables 2 movie.

The next tweet followed a few years later in September 2015. Trump wished Schwarzenegger well as he took over the Celebrity Apprentice, saying he was a “nice guy” but also referring to the profits he would make from the show.

It Only Goes Downhill From Here

Trump’s January 2017 tweet spurred a response from Schwarzenegger. He posted a video on Twitter and asked Trump to work as hard for America as he does for his ratings.

One month later, in a speech given at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, Trump took the opportunity to slam Schwarzenegger again. He said the show was “a total disaster” and asked for prayers “for Arnold, if we can, for those ratings.”

Minutes later, Schwarzenegger responded with another video on Twitter.

“Hey Donald, I have a great idea. Why don’t we switch jobs? You take over TV, because you’re such an expert in ratings, and I take over your job. And then people can finally sleep comfortably again.”

The next day, Trump tweeted back and insulted Schwarzenegger not only as the host of the show but also as a governor.

Schwarzenegger To The Apprentice: “You’re Fired!”

On Friday, March 3, 2017, Schwarzenegger announced he was finished with The Celebrity Apprentice. In an interview with Empire magazine, he said:

“With Trump being involved in the show, people have a bad taste and don’t want to participate as a spectator or as a sponsor or in any other way support the show. It’s a very divisive period now, and I think this show got caught up in all that division.”

Trump, in an effort to save face, took to Twitter once more. He tweeted that Schwarzenegger did not voluntarily leave but was fired by “bad (pathetic) ratings.”

To this final tweet, Schwarzenegger replied by telling Trump to get a “new joke writer and fact checker”.

Schwarzenegger, a Republican, did not endorse Trump in the 2016 election, nor did he vote for him.

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